Mackie Rodrigues   Mack Rodrigues (Founder)

Mack is a product of 80’s and survived his previous life as a Research Analyst. He has spent over 10 years researching and documenting the best places to travel and eat. He is a well-versed traveler and has been to most European countries. Aside from his passion for Food, he is heavily dedicated to Traveling, Fashion, and Lifestyle.

Ryan Schoonhoven   Ryan Schoonhoven (Social Media Co-Ordinator)

Ryan, a native of Netherlands, has worked in UAE and India and been to many exotic places around the globe. He has a profound and strong passion for Indian Culture, evident from a passport entirely filled with entry and exits stamps to India. Ryan is possessed with Digital Media and well experienced as a Strategy Consultant.

Amit Prasad   Amit Prasad (Insights Analyst)

Amit is an Analyst with JP Morgan, responsible for analyzing complex data and company structure. His most days are spent hunting the latest and best culinary delights. He is a strong believer of living in a world where you should Connect, Inspire and Collaborate outside the ordinary boundaries.

Arushi Prasad   Arushi Prasad (Publisher)

Arushi has specialized in Graphic and Interaction Designing, and heavily enjoys experimenting with various techniques in mobility. She possesses a strong and solid background in Design. Arushi is also a creative wellspring blogger with 3 years of global writing experience.

Rishi Gupta   Rishi Gupta (Head of Strategy & Blogger)

Rishi is a Computer Science graduate and holds 2 years of relevant writing experience on various topics. His area of expertise lies under primarily the digital improvements and gadgets.